As an actor, how do I get representation?

Actors Representation DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE

Daily we receive numerous requests by actors seeking representation so it sometimes takes us up to two weeks to respond. We understand that it is your life and career so we like to review submissions rapidly, but because of the rapid development of the Central Texas market we are sometimes inundated with work. After review of your submission, if interested, we will telephone you for an appointment. If you do not hear from us feel free to resubmit when you have gained more experience.

The criteria we use for signing talent is simple: Do we think we can get you work without undercutting the talent we already represent? We are a working agency and we need to feel confident that you have what's required to successfully audition and compete in this market.

In general we only represent talent in the greater Austin area. Because agents for film, television and major national commercials shooting in other Texas areas regularly contact us, we rarely represent actors from other metro areas who have agents. We find this leads to conflicts with other hard working agencies and the Austin metro area itself contains a rich talent base. We also have working relations with agents in Los Angeles to insure growth opportunities.

We seek people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Because many commercials use "characters" we represent many excellent actors who have unusual looks. We are not just interested in romantic leading man and leading woman types.

As a model, how do I get representation?

Model Representation DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE

If you are interested in representation as a model please mail us recent photos, laser copies and/or comp cards and we will review them as rapidly as possible. Sorry, submissions can't be returned. If we are interested in discussing representation we will call you for an appointment. Our address is under "Contact Us" on this web site.

Our market does not focus on runway modeling, but rather emphasizes print and catalog work. For those seeking representation as a runway fashion model, Acclaim is the only agency in the area working with agencies in international markets. Many of our models have worked in Milan, Paris, London and New York. Because many print jobs don't have height requirements we sometimes sign exceptional talent under 5'8".

Our criteria for signing models:
1. Do we think we can get you work?
2. Do you have the character to develop your talent, work hard and demonstrate a reliable professionalism?

Many of our models take acting classes so they can audition for television commercials as well as traditional modeling assignments. . The international and prints markets are now increasingly diverse. Acclaim needs people of different ethnicity and backgrounds. 

As a voice talent, how do I get representation?


In this market there is a large demand for voice talent ranging from commercials to animation for the computer industry. If you are a voice talent please mail a demo CD or cassette tape( no DAT's please ) showing your range. Demos should not be more than four or five minutes in length. It may take up to two weeks to review your submission. If interested we will contact you for an appointment and arrange for you to be placed on our Agency CD Rom of voice talent. Within a few months we hope to have our voice talent demos on this web site.

As an entertainment talent, how do I get representation?

Acclaim has a BRAND NEW Entertainment Division to represent bands, spokespersons, and other entertainment talent.

How do I get my child represented?

Child Representation DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE

Acclaim represents young people between the ages of 5 and 15 years. We prefer children with some acting training. Just because a child is precocious and charming does not mean he or she is an actor. Repeating an action under hot lights in a strange setting with strange people is very different than entertaining family in the living room. If your child is particularly talented and has some experience please submit photos and a resume. If interested we will call for an appointment. We keep a file of promising children and sometimes contact their parents when a particular look is needed by a commercial project.

(A note about babies) Yes your baby is gorgeous! Everybody in the super market says so. At Acclaim we think all babies are beautiful. But please let them be babies. When a child reaches five and shows their own interest in performing get them into some plays or classes.

Parents frequently contact Acclaim wanting representation for their young children before their children have even learned to walk and talk! Let your really young children grow up. Submit photos after they have starred in the school play. Be patient. We will be here for them when they get to the age when they enjoy performing.

And of course Acclaim is interested in all looks. Sometimes it is easier to get auditions for children that are not stereotypically beautiful, but who have interesting character. Glasses, braces and other accouterments of growing up are sometimes in demand. The key for us is not a certain look, but proven talent.

As a photographer, how do I work with Acclaim?


Acclaim has working relationships with a number of professional level photographers. Our talent needs include headshots, fashion photography, and other photo work typical to the entertainment industry. We work with photographers on a good faith referral basis and receive nothing - but hopefully good work - in return. If you are a working photographer you can leave a portfolio at the office and if it is suitable to our needs we will contact you for an appointment.